Friday, January 13, 2012

Clearly Ringo

Ringo had his vaccines and a check up yesterday. His vet does a urine test as part of the exam, and I'm happy to report his urine was clear, pH ok and no problems there. He does have an issue with needing his ears cleaned, and she has suggested we start every other week. I believe part of the problem is that Ringo and Mozart chew each other's ears every day, but anyways, if it doesn't clear up we may need to look into food or environmental allergies. I think it's just Mozart's dog saliva. He weighed 54 pounds and doesn't seem fat or anything, but she didn't want him to gain any additional weight. Samantha is here in NM with Olive for a visit. The three of them have been having a good time playing. Olive got to go to the vet with us yesterday because she had another tick bite despite being on a monthly preventative. They both kind of stole the show in the vet's office.

Hope you're doing well.

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