Friday, February 17, 2012

Zoey's big win photo

This photo is from January 18th when Zoey won Best In Sweeps at the Mt. Hood Dalmatian Specialty in Portland Oregon (and just arrived). This was her first big show (we showed for 3 days in Puyallup, WA just prior to this show - but those were tiny, warm up shows compared to showing at the Expo Center in Portland). She did great for only being 8 months of age! Zoey also did a great job of upholding our "Family Tradition" of winning big at this specialty show.
January Mt. Hood Dalmatian Specialty 
2006 Jazz was Best Of Winners
2009 Willow was Best In Sweeps
2010 Bow was Best In Sweeps & Best Of Winners
2011 Sky was Best Of Winners
2012 Zoey was Best In Sweeps

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